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Alex. Foreign Trade Co.
see what we can do for you.
Alex. Foreign Trade Co.
see what we can do for you.
Alex. Foreign Trade Co.
see what we can do for you.

About Company

Alex Foreign Trade co. an Egyptian exporting company established on 1989 working in export various agricultural crops Our policy focus on how to satisfy our clients through delivering good quality in good time by good terms, Finally, we appreciate all our current customers and welcome new clients.

We can do a lot for you !


Big Stock of products

We offer wide range of agricultural products for you a to suit all market needs.Also the competitiveness ability of our products to invade the market and offer the best prices.

Online Shopping

You can browse categories and products that we offer to make an order , you can find more details about your products through going to product page and preview product images

Online Support

We care about our customers,chat with experts online or have us call you right away. You can Find answers for all questions to make the best choice before you make an order.

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